Tantric Psychotherapy

For more information and to book an initial session; contact Martin on 07973 504121   or m.jelfs@zen.co.uk

Tantric Psychotherapy is a new relational body psychotherapy which integrates the whole person; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It includes using touch and massage and works directly with breathing and sexual energy as well as using visualisations, mantras and meditation practices. It is practised cross-gender and aims to support the divine qualities of the client as well as their healing and growth.

In the development and practice of tantric psychotherapy I am bringing together thirty years experience in both psychotherapy and tantra. This is now, pioneering  including traditional tantric methods with latest neuroscience.

I am bringing all of the direct methods of tantra into an ongoing therapeutic relationship which will provide a space for deepening your connection to your own self as an embodied, alive and ultimately divine, being.

I am available for sessions by Zoom, in Central Portugal and near Salisbury when I am in UK. I suggest that a series of fortnightly sessions of one and a half or two hours are best; with “homework” practices and some email or phone contact in between. This is intensive and powerful work.  

It may also be possible to come at stay for a residential intensive therapeutic experience at the centre where I live with others near Salisbury, UK or in Central Portugal and teach tantra. In this way you could be in a supportive and different environment and experience one session each day.  Stays of three days to a week are often best.

I want to develop this work with women who are committed to their own healing and growth and don’t want money to prevent this happening, so my charge is based on your ability to pay. We can discuss this at the initial session. My ethical statement for my work is at Ethics Statement.

I am writing (the first ever) a book on Tantric Psychotherapy to be published in  2020 and may want to include some excerpts from our work together and your reflections and feedback on it. This, of course, will be in a suitably disguised and anonymous form. I will ask your permission and would welcome your reflections from sessions and possibly excerpts from your journal.

My ten fundamental principles of psychotherapy can be found at Ten Principles . I have a blog on psychotherapy at Therapy  which you may find interesting and a more general blog on transformation and tantra at Transformation.